Saturday, April 20, 2013


The NY I Love To Sing Community Choir is a soulful and uplifting musical experience that’s designed to include anyone who loves to sing– shower singers and professionals alike.   Our sessions incorporate vocal technique training, choral singing, music-oriented meditation, community and relationship building activities, creative play, and musical improvisation and games all within a supportive, non-judgmental family environment.   

Music selections are soulful, spirit-driven Gospel, Broadway, Spiritual, World Music, Pop/Rock with lyrics that are universally accessible to people of any religious belief (no He, Him or Jesus).    Each session is co-taught by industry seasoned professionals:   Artistic Director, Amy Silverman, and a powerhouse musical director.   We’re lucky to have many talented and in-demand musical directors and conductors who feel committed to our success and growth.   Plan to be musically guided and inspired by the leadership of Troy Burton, Emily Joy Sullivan, Chris Dilley, and other fantastic surprise guest conductors.

What to expect:
Choir Rehearsal +  Jam Session +  Singing Technique Training + Expressive Creative Activities  +  Amazing Family-like Supportive Community of People Who Love to Sing  +  Conscious, Spiritual and Soulful Approach  + Professional, Dynamic Leaders

We will gradually schedule some Pop-Up Flash Choirs in places like the DMV, Unemployment Office, Hospital Lobbies etc.   And, depending on the consistency of attendance
from participants, we will also perform a public concert.   There will be certain required attendance dates in order to participate in performances.     Because this group is new, we can not yet say exactly what this will look like but you will be kept informed as things become more and more clear and the most active members of the community will be included in decision making.

First Official Gathering:  April 10, 2013 and still going strong (June of 2015!)