What People Say...

"I love this group, testified to by waking in the middle of the night, grateful for it. The group is
brilliantly organized. Amy applies not only sound musical technique, but rare insight into the human dynamic. Her methods tap into, what I believe is an almost universal need for healing within each
person, as well as between nations. The exercises she leads foster healing through participation in aware musical experiences. This group is about process, as much as outcome. That it is welcoming to all levels of ability and experience, is not just lip service. There are members who have professional singing and other musical experience, alongside rank amateurs, some who struggle to keep a tune – all joyfully sharing in these experiences - some silly, some profound, but always dynamic and fun . In my not professional opinion, I’d give this group 4 stars. Thank you, Amy – don’t mean to embarrass you here, but this is from the heart."   -  Hazel, Brooklyn

"It was an amazing experience, thank you very much for putting this all together. Ive been looking for a space like this, to express myself, for a long time and I cant believe I found it!!!! I'm looking forward to our next gathering. Thanks again!!!" - Vicky V.,  Manhattan

"Amy, words can't express (maybe I can sing it???) the amount of love and gratitude I have for you
and everyone for participating last night. The experience was powerful, healing and joyful. I felt
whole and complete in my voice in a way I've never felt before. I've always wanted to sing but haven't had the opportunity to really pursue. It's great the Universe has brought me this one that feels perfect. What a great combination of community building and sharing our hearts through song. I was very moved and can't wait to come back. Much love to you all!!" - Doug L., NJ

"I learned that there is nothing more powerful than creative expression, except, perhaps creatively expressing in community. Everytime I participate in "sing-in-spring" I am so filled with joy, love and tremendous appreciation that often my only means of release is tears. Tears of overwhelming gratitude. And then... it is the beautiful sound of union. Beautiful union - led with such tenderness and skill by Amy Silverman with the musical talents of Troy Burton and Chris Dilley who bring such expertise, humor and safe space. All of this equals a recipe for beautiful musical union and a whole lota good ole fashion fun!!! What could be better?!!  "   -   Tisha F.,  NJ

"That was so great! I love to sing but haven't been part of a chorus situation since high school. Since then I've been more of a freestyle singer- chanting circles and karaoke. Last night's group was challenging in a good way and really exciting. I was nervous when I came in, which I didn't feel like I had to hide from the group, and it was so satisfying to find my place with the altos and experience such collaboration and success. Thanks Amy Silverman for creating this opportunity to take risks and have fun with singing."  - Jaime W.,   Manhattan

"Absolutely fabulous! I have found a group of multi-talented musician artists whose passion for life and community shines brilliantly through the soul stirring and spirit singing we engage in. In addition to our wonderful singing, we participate in and inspire each other, engaging in holistic exercises that prep us from head to toe, inside and out, to bring our true talents, our TruVoices out, individually as well as a group. I finally have an outlet to do what I Love, Sing, and among other Souls who want the same, which aids in forming new and long lasting friendships. What could anyone ask more of than this?!!?! This is how you build and serve the needs of community."   -   Patricia,  Brooklyn

"Thanks so much for creating such a loving and welcoming experience! I appreciate the choice of positive songs that allowed us to sing as a group along with time for introspection and sharing as well. Hey, if you're on the fence, give this group a shot - I'm glad I did!   Shine your light!"   - Judith, Brooklyn

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